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I have some updates! First off, I wrote a blog post about “the inherent sexism and male domination in superhero culture,” (Julie Zeilinger). I wrote to The FBomb’s editor, Julie Zeilinger about M.A.J.I.C. and the need for more stories with strong, independent female heroines. She was incredibly supportive and let me write a post on superhero sexism. You can check that out by clicking HERE. Definitely check out her website It’s a blog for teenage and young adult feminists, and covers so many important topics daily. Julie also wrote A Little F’d Up: Why Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word. I am currently waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail!


Some unexpected news! Due to a ton of kind people who’ve given M.A.J.I.C. a 5 star review on AMAZON, we’re ranked in a few of their categories!!!! I am SO pumped! Every hour AMAZON updates their rankings of “Best Seller” and “Highest Rated” categories in all books. M.A.J.I.C.’s ranking fluctuates a little bit, but two days ago we were #23 in ALL of AMAZON’s “Teen and Young Adult Fantasy Novels”, #60 in their “Teen and Young Adult ebook” category, and #3 in their “Teen and Young Adult Myth & Legend, Greek & Roman ebooks”….I know! Very specific! This is incredibly exciting because if the book continues to get these positive reviews, pretty soon it will be featured on the front page (top 20) of ALL AMAZON’s YA Fantasy novels. This means we would advertise the book to a much larger group of people than we are now! Fingers crossed people continue to enjoy the book and leave reviews. Thank you to everyone who has supported me up to this point. A story doesn’t go anywhere without an audience, and the help of an army of friends and family!

That’s about it for the book updates! I’d also like to plug another novel I just read called, Life’s A Witch. It’s by Brittany Geragotelis. For nine years, Brittany was rejected by major publishing houses. She finally joined Wattpad, an online writing community and released her first of six novels for free on the website. Well, since then, Brittany has had her work read over 21,000,000 times, and has now landed a major book deal with Simon and Schuster. What’s even cooler, is that Brittany is more than happy to talk to any of her fans! I messaged her on Wattpad, and to my surprise, she responded within a few hours. Check this author out! I absolutely loved her first book, and can’t wait to see her career unfold. I guarantee she will land a movie deal soon!! Check out her website . It’s an adventure with witches, epic battles, a tangled love story and a sassy main character.


Also! I went to Chicago with my dad and brother this past weekend. David had a card tournament on Navy Pier, and we got to spend some time together in the windy city!! David treated us to the Blue Man Group show, which was way too cool. If you make it to Chi-Town, it’s a show worth seeing. Other highlights were the Lincoln Park Zoo, Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum. Funny story about Shedd. We went to watch the belugas swim, and right after an attendant told everyone to put away all loose items, Dad’s phone biffed it over the railing. Didn’t go into the water, but it was awesome. A little kid next to us thought it was hysterical.




Killing time when David was at his tournament.

Killing time when David was at his tournament.


Quick trip to ND.

Quick trip to ND.

All right, homies! I hope everyone is enjoying their super HOT July. Stay cool, boo!

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